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We're all about education!

Addiction Stone Exchange was launched in 2020 on Facebook as an exclusive group for stone enthusiasts,

from the professional cutter to the hobby collector.  

Our goal is to provide the best educational information in a clear and digestible way.

Our Addiction Library contains over 80 articles. Topics range from how to appraise and purchase a quality stone to detailed publications on a variety of minerals and industry terminology.

We invite you join our community on Facebook with over 1,300 members, including geologists, lapidary artists, 

scientists and some very enthusiastic stone lovers!


Guide to making good choices
when buying stones


Gemstone Care and Cleaning 


About Our Druzy

Educating yourself about the cabochons and gemstones you are purchasing online or in person will help you make good purchases and avoid disappointments. READ MORE

So you have a nice collection of stones. You have them identified and labeled. But do you know the best way to care for them? Understanding the nature of the material you're using is as important as its name.


Our collection of natural Brazilian druzy is some of the best in the industry. All druzy is cut by lapidary artist Greg Genovese, who has been cutting druzy for over 40 years. Each cabochon is a work of art. 


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